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Duncan Island (Isla Pinzon), Galapagos Islands

Giant Tortoise at Isla Pinzon - Galapagos Islands Among the smaller Galapagos Islands, Isla Pinzon was named after the Pinzon brothers, who were the captains of two ships in the fleet of Christopher Columbus, during his expedition to this region. Just 18 square kilometers in size, Isla Pinzon sits on the northwestern side of Isla Santiago, and is home to the rather odd looking red-lipped batfish.

An excellent dive site, Isla Pinzon offers some wonderful scuba diving opportunities and lets you get up close and personal with a plethora of marine life like sea turtles, eels, eagle rays, marine iguanas, dolphins and even lobsters. Swim with playful sea lion pups as you dive along the coast to explore the rich beauty of the world below.

A cliff-bound island, there are no visitor sites on Isla Pinzon, also known as Duncan Island. While there is a marine tortoise reserve and seal rookery here, this isle is off limits to visitors. A permit is usually required for scientists and researchers who wish to visit.

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