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Isla Baltra (South Seymour Island), Galapagos Islands

Isla Baltra, Galapagos Islands The small island of Isla Baltra is usually the first island most visitors to the Galapagos Archipelago put their foot on. Home to main airport, this island sits just 27 km off the northern coast of Isla Santa Cruz and has no real tourist attractions. There are no visitor sites on the island, nor are there any accommodations. Public and private transportation on the island solely exists here for the purpose of transporting tourists to Puerto Ayora, which is an hour’s journey away by a combination of boat and bus. Most tour guides usually meet and greet visitors here.

Historically, however, Isla Baltra has played an important role in the history of the Islands. Used as a US Air Force Base during the World War II, many US Navy and submarine crews were stationed here to patrol the water of the Pacific Ocean and protect the Panama Canal. Today, this island is used as an official military base of the Ecuadorian Government.

Upon your arrival at Isla Baltra you will have to pay a US$ 100 as national park fees.

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