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View nesting Albatross Birds in your Galapagos Vacation Nicknamed the ‘laboratory of evolution,’ the Galapagos Islands offer an incredibly fascinating opportunity for anyone to experience nature at its purest and most pristine, untouched by civilization. Over 5 million years old, these tiny islands have emerged from underwater volcano eruptions, to become the enchanting and almost magical places they are today. A nature wonderland with some of the most rare and amazing mammals, reptiles and birds, a Galapagos vacation gives you a wonderful insight in how our world has evolved.

A superb adventure destination, your Galapagos vacation let you come face-to-face with one of the most intriguing ecosystems on earth. And with the animals here quite unabashed and fearless, you can scuba dive with the sharks, snorkel with sea lions, observe the almost comical boobies and walk with giant tortoises as make their way across the many trails here.

Perfect for both families as well as the curious adventure traveler, these small islands are home to some of the most endangered mammals on the planet. On your Galapagos vacation, catch a glimpse of the gracefully swimming marine iguanas, the only equatorial Galapagos Penguins, the endemic Darwin Finches, the fascinating Flightless Cormorant and the beautiful Waved Albatross, who also make their abode here.

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, and discover all that these islands have to offer. Cruise the warm waters of the Pacific as you island-hop from one isle to the next, taking in rocky and rugged volcanic landscape here. Plus, blessed with near perfect weather all year through, a Galapagos vacation is simply put, out of this world. Tailor an ocean safari to meet your needs and explore these marvelous islands, where nature comes alive.

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